Caroline Milligan

Associate Director of Emergency Management

About Caroline

As a former UK police officer with policing experience in the US and NZ, Caroline brings insight and practical experience working within highly regulated and accountable environments. Caroline has led the charge in using social media as a tool for emergency management and advising public safety agencies on how to communicate with the public.

At Crest, Caroline provides multi-platform strategies and virtual operation support teams during times of crisis. She also advises government agencies on using social media for intelligence gathering and investigative training to the criminal justice sector, as well as public safety, security and emergency management audiences. Based in New Zealand and Australia, Caroline has first-hand knowledge of dealing with crisis and emergency situations in vulnerable environments, and her commitment to improving community safety is second to none.



Key achievements

  • Associate team lead of virtual operations in the USA for the Oregon Office of Emergency Management during the Oregon wildfires and Active Shooter response.
  • Supported virtual operations in the USA for Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management during Active Shooter response.
  • Speaker at The Australian Emergency Management Institute Connection Conference.
  • Speaker for the Attorney-General’s Department at the Critical Infrastructure Resilience conference in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Facilitated social media for emergency management and public safety training for the State Control Centre/Emergency Management Victoria in Australia.


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