Change communications and internal engagement

At Crest we aim to help people communicate better, because we know that good communication drives positive change.

Our approach to change communications and employee engagement is simple: we work with your teams to focus on exactly what needs to change and why. We keep the management speak to the minimum and concentrate on what matters – your people.

Our expert team is experienced at helping people navigate the sometimes bumpy route to change. We understand that internal pressures and competing demands have to be balanced, often while continuing with your ‘business as usual’. We work closely with you to make the link between the changes required and the day to day reality for your teams. If the organisation needs to be more agile, more responsive, or more streamlined we will help you translate this into the behaviours that will deliver for you, your organisation and your workforce.

Our team at Crest provides the bridge between the process and the emotional aspects of change, delivering timely, personalised and sensitive communications plans that inspire and engage. We have delivered change and employee engagement programmes in organisations across the criminal justice sector and have devised a tried and tested ‘eight steps to engagement’ model.

If you would like to find out more about us and how we work please contact one of our team for an initial chat.

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Tips from Crest consultants on change comms and internal engagement

Jo Addison

Jo Addison

Associate Director of Brand and Change

Jo Addison leads on change communications and internal engagement. For information email

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