Chris Webb

Associate Director of Development and Crisis Communications

About Chris

Former head of news and acting director of media and communication at the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), Chris is recognised as one of the UK’s leading experts in police communications and crisis management. With 25 years at the MPS, Chris’ skills include news management, public affairs, public relations, advertising and marketing, stakeholder engagement and internal communication.

Chris has a proven track record of successfully negotiating the needs of an organisation, influencing partners and opinion formers and preserving stakeholder confidence and corporate reputation. He can deliver crisis incident training, scenario planning and business capability testing. He specialises in supporting organisations and managing a crisis if they are the victim of a cyber attack.



Key achievements

  • Advised seven Commissioners whilst in the Met.
  • Commissioned by the Cabinet Office to undertake a review of the Humanitarian Assistance in Emergencies guidance (2015).
  • Strategic communication advisor for NATO Summit (2014) and G8 Summit (2013).
  • Led the national level policing and security response for the London 2012 Olympics.
  • Supported the Caribbean authorities with the Cricket World Cup (2004).
  • Strategic communications lead for all the blue light services for the London bombings (2005).

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