Dashboard for the Criminal Justice System

Historically, it has been difficult for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) to hold other leaders within the criminal justice system (CJS) to account, because of a lack of transparency. In particular, we know that PCCs often struggle to drive change across the CJS because of:

  • Multiple (often competing) versions of the ‘the truth’
  • Agencies that are focused inwards and parochial
  • Poor sight of underperformance and no pressure to improve
  • An inability to move beyond ‘crisis mode’, remaining on the back foot
  • Risk averseness about trialling new approaches

Crest Analytics’ criminal justice dashboard is a cloud-based data analytics tool that brings criminal justice performance data together in a single place, helping decision-makers understand where improvements need to be made and hold individual agencies to account.

Our national version of the dashboard brings together crime, court and prosecution data in a single place. Regional versions of the dashboard (as in our video) can be built to include a broader and more granular level of performance data tailored to the needs and local circumstances of the area.

Crest Analytics can customise your own data into a bespoke dashboard, helping you to gain more clarity on performance and hold partners to account. You will be able to make detailed analytical enquiries and compare the performance of different criminal justice agencies against a variety of metrics (for example by region, by crime type, and over time).

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Crest Analytics has collated data from across the criminal justice system, to create a national dashboard for the criminal justice system. It brings together data from the police, Crown Prosecution Service and the courts, in one easily-accessible location. We would welcome your views.


The innovative system Crest Analytics have designed and built takes raw data and transforms it into easy-to-understand charts showing crime performance, helping the public understand the performance of the system as a whole and giving agencies one authoritative version of performance across the board. It is an invaluable tool."


Derek Lockie

Former Chief of Staff to the Victims’ Commissioner, Baroness Helen Newlove

The CJS dashboard designed and built by Crest Analytics is a game changer for senior officers, PCCs and all of those who believe that criminal justice agencies should collaborate more closely."

Lord Wasserman

Former criminal justice adviser to David Cameron, as Leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister (2009-14)

Harvey Redgrave

Harvey Redgrave

Managing Director

Harvey Redgrave leads on the dashboard tool. For more information, email harvey.redgrave@crestadvisory.com

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