It’s now five years since we started Crest Advisory with the aim of helping policing and the criminal justice system get better outcomes for the communities they serve.

Every day we work to ensure that we give our clients robust, clear and informed advice. That’s why it is important that we get your views on how we are doing as I know there is always room for improvement.

Criminal justice reform is an ongoing process with opportunities for public, private and voluntary sector organisations to make a huge contribution. And, to date, we remain the only consultancy in the UK to focus on criminal justice strategy, communications and policy. Our question is this: do you think Crest is making enough people aware of how it can and already does support this vital work?

If you could find five minutes to complete our survey we would be very grateful. And if there is anything else you would like to discuss – from the impact of Brexit on security challenges to why the criminal justice system is under more pressure than ever – do get in touch by emailing

Do you think Crest is making enough people aware of how it can support vital work in the criminal justice sector?