Data analysis and tools

Do you want to gain a deeper insight into data and what it means for crime prevention?

Crest Advisory, along with our subsidiary company Crest Analytics, has the statistical expertise to provide you with bespoke in-depth, analytical support.

Our consultants will assess your analytical requirements, process and cleanse your data, and use our tools to look deeper into the specific aspects that concern you. We can help you to understand what your data really means and will present our findings in a meaningful way.

If you would like to find out more about us and how we work please contact one of our team for an initial chat.

Dashboard for the CJS

Crest Analytics has created a national dashboard that brings together data from the police, Crown Prosecution Service and the courts, in one easily-accessible location

Our recent work

Harvey Redgrave

Harvey Redgrave

Managing Director

Harvey Redgrave leads on data analysis and the dashboard. For more information, email

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