Faerlie Wilson

Senior Analyst



About Faerlie

As a former journalist and academic, Faerlie believes that good ideas should be simple to understand. She delivers clarity on complex issues, producing high-quality, intelligent work that is accessible and engaging.

Before joining Crest, Faerlie taught strategy, policy, and critical analysis to senior military officers from the UK and abroad. She has lived and worked in the Middle East, Europe, and North America, and brings a global perspective to her work at Crest.

Faerlie is passionate about reducing inequality and building stronger, safer communities. She is a PhD-trained researcher and subject matter expert in security, terrorism, and politics. She speaks both French and Arabic.

Her name is pronounced just like the adverb.


Key achievements

  • PhD in War Studies from King’s College London
  • Teaching Fellow at the Royal College of Defence Studies and the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
  • Founding Managing Editor of news and politics website NOW Lebanon

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