Justice devolution: where next?

What is meant by ‘justice devolution’? Why is it needed and what difference will it actually make to people’s lives?

In a world of rising demand and shrinking budgets, justice devolution is firmly on the agenda and there is growing interest in and support for the idea of a more localised justice system.

Harvey Redgrave’s report for the think tank GovernUp argues that it no longer makes sense for government to continue tinkering around the edges, attempting top-down reform of individual criminal justice agencies from above. Instead, local leaders should be empowered to join up services from the bottom up – in order to deal with the root cause of crime – rather than managing its consequences and to ensure services can be built around the needs of victims.

The report was launched on 14th December 2016 in Manchester, bringing together PCCs, political leaders and government policy makers. Hosted by iNetwork and Manchester Metropolitan University, the launch event included speakers:

  • Professor Chris Fox, Director of the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit and Professor of Evaluation at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Rt. Hon. Nick Herbert MP, Conservative MP for Arundel and South Downs, Co-Chair of GovernUp
  • Harvey Redgrave, Director of Strategy at Crest Advisory and author of the report on justice devolution
  • Commissioner Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner and Interim Mayor for Greater Manchester

Callyane Desroches chats to Harvey Redgrave and Christopher Salmon about the case for justice devolution

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Justice devolution policy research team:

Harvey Redgrave

Harvey Redgrave

Managing Director

Harvey Redgrave is Managing Director at Crest Advisory. Previously, Harvey worked as a senior policy advisor at the Labour Party and was a deputy director at the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit.

Sophie du Mont

Sophie du Mont

Strategy and Delivery Analyst

Sophie du Mont is Strategy and Insight Manager at Crest. She analyses and evaluates statistics and existing policies affecting the criminal justice system.

Callyane Desroches

Callyane Desroches

Senior Analyst

Callyane Desroches is a Policy Analyst at Crest. She is also completing a Masters Degree in Geopolitics, Territory and Security at King’s College London.

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