Forget-me-not: criminal justice in GE17

UPDATE: As it happened we (like a lot of others) were wrong…  policing took everyone by surprise in featuring heavily in the election in response to the appalling events in Manchester and London.

It’s all about strong and stable leadership! It’s all about the NHS! It’s all about Brexit! It’s all about independence! Four weeks from polling day two things are clear about General Election 2017. Firstly, the main parties disagree about what the defining issue is. Secondly, the main parties do agree that, whatever else it may be, it’s not criminal justice. We wrote about this last month and nothing has happened to change our view.

The difficulties Labour had in explaining how it would fund its plan to put 10,000 extra police officers on the street left no room to debate the merits or otherwise of the actual policy. With the other main parties fighting narrow campaigns about Brexit or what they claim flows naturally from it, the criminal justice debate feels over before it began.

As a result, Crest’s team of experts has set out what they would like to see in our own criminal justice manifesto for #GE17.

Crest's alternative manifesto

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