Jon Clements

Director of Development


About Jon

As Director of Development, Jon draws on nearly two decades experience in public affairs, the media and criminal justice to ensure Crest offers clients the support they need to achieve their goals. A former national newspaper and broadcast journalist, Jon leads on Crest’s positioning and oversees the development of new business and marketing.

With a keen eye for opportunity and risk, he can enhance and protect reputation and brand through engaging messaging and evidence-based narratives. And as a father of two young children, Jon remains stoic and unflappable in a crisis, a reassuring presence at times of need.




Key achievements

  • Provided strategic counsel on communications and media relations to public inquiries, inquests and other high profile or sensitive clients
  • Led Crest Advisory’s integrated policy, public affairs and brand communications programme at Victim Support
  • Award-winning correspondent at the Daily Mirror and ITV News, reporting on home affairs, terrorism and the Middle East.

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