Jon Clements

Director of Communications and Campaigns


About Jon

As head of Crest’s communications team, Jon draws on 15 years’ experience in public affairs for policing and the criminal justice system. Jon is an experienced journalist reporting on crime, policing and home affairs for ITV news and the Daily Mirror, and brings expertise in politics and the media.

At Crest, Jon specialises in media management and public affairs by helping organisations to communicate policy, research and change in a compelling and accessible way to multiple audiences. From creating campaigns to crisis management, Jon uses his vast knowledge and experience to deliver effective communications strategies to suit clients’ needs. With a keen eye for opportunity and risk, he can enhance and protect reputation and brand through engaging messaging and evidence-based narratives. And as a father of two young children, Jon remains stoic and unflappable in a crisis, a reassuring presence at times of need.



Key achievements

  • Led Crest Advisory’s integrated policy, public affairs and communications programme at major UK charity Victim Support.
  • Crime Correspondent for ITV News covering the Stephen Lawrence murder trial and the London riots.
  • News executive and award-winning reporter at the Daily Mirror, with assignments in Iraq, Lebanon and Israel.  

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