Mission: Impossible? Crest Advisory is looking for solutions to some big challenges facing policing and the criminal justice system

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help us find solutions to the big challenges facing policing and the criminal justice system.

Crime is now the third biggest issue of concern to the public, behind Brexit and the NHS, and as a result is back on the political agenda. But how can the government address these concerns when any spare cash seems destined for the health service? Crest’s MD Harvey Redgrave recently explained the scale of the strategic dilemma facing ministers ahead of next year’s Spending Review. So it seems only fair that we now set out some of our ongoing research and analysis which may help to find solutions to this very thorny problem. At Crest, we like to work collaboratively so please do get in touch if you have insights, evidence or advice to share on any of the projects in our snapshot below.

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