Modelling demand

In a world of shrinking resources and growing public expectations, it’s important for organisations in the criminal justice system to understand what drives demand on their services. This allows them to plan and deploy their resources more effectively.

Crest provides a demand modelling service, using data analysis to measure demand and model the likely effects of policy changes on the criminal justice system as a whole.

Examples of Crest’s modelling projects

The Hadley Trust asked Crest to model the impact of individual policy changes on the prison system to understand the drivers of prison population growth.

The Dawes Trust commissioned Crest to research police demand to test whether meaningful and extractable data exists that would enable the police to gain a better understanding of what drives demand on the force.

Our recent work

Harvey Redgrave

Harvey Redgrave

Managing Director

Harvey Redgrave leads on demand modelling. For more information, email

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