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We know that understanding the policy landscape and developing policy to meet your own organisational objectives can be difficult. Events blow plans off course, and political changes or the news cycle mean that policies that are based on poor information or an incomplete picture will falter.

This is a lesson we have learnt the hard way: from time working inside police forces, government departments and other public safety agencies. Members of our team have developed policy for Prime Ministers and Leaders of the Opposition. Since then Crest has shaped strategies for more than half of Police and Crime Commissioners, in major cities and rural communities.

We will sit down with you, hear your ideas and discuss your aims and objectives. Because we are policing and criminal justice specialists, we know how to get to the heart of the matter quickly, how to distil complex ideas into clear plans, and we base recommendations on robust data.

Although we know that there is often a better way to run services or keep people safe, hiding policy ideas in worthy reports has little impact. We help clients translate their ambition into practical steps they can take, safe in the knowledge they are aligned to the broader criminal justice agenda. As a result our work is always pragmatic and focused on outcomes.

If you would like to find out more about us and how we work please contact one of our team for an initial chat.

Our recent work

Policy insight from our team

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Gavin Lockhart-Mirams

Gavin Lockhart-Mirams


Gavin Lockhart-Mirams leads on policy insight. For more information, email gavin.lockhartmirams@crestadvisory.com

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