Criminal Justice System Review in Hertfordshire

Assessing local crime demand and its drivers

The challenge

Crest was commissioned to carry out a review of performance and demand of the criminal justice system in Hertfordshire. We mapped volumes and flows of offenders through each criminal justice agency and examined any changes in profiles. We also identified pinch points in the system to identify the areas driving the most criminal justice demand.

The solution

Crest liaised closely with local partners to understand local issues affecting the Hertfordshire criminal justice agencies. We also drew on our analytical experience to combine publicly available and local data to create a fuller picture of how the demand on local criminal justice services have evolved over time. In doing so, we brought together disparate information to give a smooth overview of the whole system. Finally, using our professional insight, we could drill down into particular areas of concern to shed new light on local issues.

The results

Crest presented a report to the Hertfordshire criminal justice board, providing an overview of the disparate parts of the local criminal justice system and insight into what is driving demand. Notably we were able to highlight how changes in the cohorts of offenders were putting additional demands on particular agencies. For example, despite representing only a 5th of offenders in police custody, repeat offenders accounted for more than half of that demand. We also were able to drill down into the multiple and particular needs of repeat offenders. In doing so, we provided Crest’s unique evidence-based analysis, to drive forward local strategy to improve the criminal justice system.

“This (project) has, for the first time, given the HCJB some clearly presented analysis that brought to light some key issues, enabling members to pose intelligent questions, and consider the ‘so what question?’.”

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