Report on the role of electronic tagging in offender management

Partnership with Reform think tank

The challenge

Reform, a UK-based think tank, wanted to contribute to the government’s debate on the use of electronic tagging in offender management. The organisation commissioned Crest to write a piece of original policy research that would be credible and robust.

The solution

Crest’s Managing Director Gavin Lockhart-Mirams researched and co-wrote a report on the role of tagging in offender management, bringing together evidence on its efficacy for the first time. The report made recommendations for the Government’s policy on procurement and use of tagging. The project received media coverage in The Times, the Financial Times and on the BBC.

The results

Reform launched the report at a round table discussion in Westminster. Gavin was guest speaker to an audience that included representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Justice (including the Secretary of State). Following the report’s publication, Gavin was also invited to brief Ministry of Justice officials and non-executive directors about options to reinvigorate the electronic tagging programme. The report helped to change the Government’s procurement policy for electronic monitoring of offenders.

Cutting crime: the role of tagging in offender management

As a criminal justice tool, electronic monitoring has huge potential to cut crime if used effectively. This report examines what the technology does, what the best way to use it and how the technology should be procured. Read Cutting crime: the role of tagging in offender management

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