Select Committee training

Turning a challenge into an opportunity

The challenge

An appearance before a House of Commons Select Committee is not to be taken lightly: many reputations have been shredded in an hour or two of questioning, broadcast live, and widely reported on social and traditional media. Our clients – senior public figures in the criminal justice system – wanted to know what to expect and how to manage the challenges.

The solution

Crest provided a thorough introduction to Select Committees, their purpose and powers, and explained the mechanics of how an evidence session works. We showed our clients videos of past sessions, and gave them clear guidance on how to prepare and dos and don’ts on the day. We worked with them on their messaging and likely lines of questioning, and then we ran mock hearing sessions where they were questioned by experts with first-hand experience of Select Committee work. We videoed the results and reviewed them with our clients to learn lessons, to ensure they were as well prepared as possible.

The results

After their appearances our clients said they felt well-prepared and understood the layout of the room, the procedure and the personalities involved. They were prepared for the lines of questioning, felt able to head off any criticism and were able to make positive points about the work they had been doing. The eventual report by the Committee reflected the points our clients had made, providing clear evidence of the impact they had.

Preparation for public scrutiny

Interactive and tailored training

Expert facilitators with first-hand Select Committee experience

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