Social media in emergency management (SMEM) training for Emergency Management Victoria

The challenge

Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) commissioned Crest Australia to help improve Victoria’s community connections and intelligence gathering capabilities during emergencies. Through training and exercising, our consultants improved capability of the State Control Centre (SCC) Core Team and Government surge support personnel across a range of both social media monitoring and responding roles.

The solution

We ran training workshops on social media techniques, for example on how to gather, analyse and verify open-source information. Crest also developed strategies to improve capability and capacity, as it applies to social media listening, verification and targeted intelligence gathering into SCC operations. These strategies and guidelines help to improve situational awareness and insight into what is happening on the ground.

The results

EMV successfully built solid foundations and significantly enhanced its capability for both social media streams in public information and intelligence at the State Control Centre (SCC). EMV’s social media emergency management team is now equipped with the tools and techniques to effectively use digital and social media during state emergencies.

Harnessing social media intelligence to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies

Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery

Specialist SMEM expertise

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