Social media in emergency management

Our subsidiary company Crest Australia supports clients throughout Australasia and south-east Asia to effectively harness social media intelligence in preparing for and responding to emergencies. We run bespoke courses for emergency management and public safety professionals and can evaluate your communication capabilities during emergencies.

Crest Australia can:

  • Integrate digital and social media communication tools across your business processes to achieve strategic priorities
  • Train your employees in public safety and emergency management roles on how to make best use of social media in an emergency
  • Help you respond in the event of an emergency by providing digital support
  • Help you recover from your emergency by providing resources for post-incident diagnosis and debrief
  • Provide training on multiple free tools to augment your existing capabilities and advise on the purchase of paid monitoring solutions

Our Crest Australia SMEM courses are delivered by emergency management practitioners from diverse backgrounds, to provide you with global best practice in addressing your critical incident communication needs.

If you would like to find out more about us and how we work please contact one of our team for an initial chat.

Caroline Milligan

Caroline Milligan

Associate Director of Emergency Management

Caroline Milligan leads on SMEM (Crest Australia). For more information email

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