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Stakeholders are individuals or organisations who can help you to succeed or fail. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, your stakeholders can range from Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), to central Government ministers to campaign groups to your own staff. We believe that if they understand you as well as possible and support what you are doing, your task – whatever it is – will be easier.

Because stakeholders are important, they deserve attention. We know that you need to work to understand them, their priorities, concerns and drivers, and how they support or cut across your own. Once you understand them, you can build bridges with them – coalitions, if you share the same objectives; or at least mutual understanding if you do not.

Because of our extensive work across the criminal justice system, we like to think we have a head start. We know what is important to the key players among PCCs, the Home Office and Ministry of Justice and what they are likely to think about your issues.

But we don’t just go on instinct. We undertake rigorous research, using a combination of open-source information and insights from our extensive network of contacts across the criminal justice system. If appropriate, we can commission opinion polls too to test public sentiment on an issue.

We draw up a detailed picture of your stakeholders and prioritise those most important, understanding how they view your plans and how they might be persuaded to support you. With this objective analysis, we can work with you to craft messages about your work which will resonate with these audiences and address their concerns and priorities.

And we advise on the best way to take those messages to key groups, through an engagement plan which sets out activities such as social or mainstream media coverage, thought leadership or one to one meetings. Depending on your own resources, we can deliver this programme for you, or support your in-house team, secure in the knowledge this activity will be rooted in evidence.

If you would like to find out more about us and how we work please contact one of our team for an initial chat.

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Jon Clements

Jon Clements

Director of Development

Jon Clements is Director of Development at Crest Advisory, and formerly a crime reporter for ITV News and the Daily Mirror.

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