Whiteboard videos

Our consultants give specialist briefings using a whiteboard and a video camera


Crest Advisory believes that communications, strategies and analytics have the power to transform criminal justice and deliver better outcomes for people and communities. Because we want to see the criminal justice system get these disciplines right, our team has produced a series of short videos sharing their insights on a range of subjects and disciplines. If you would like to get in touch with any of the consultants featured please email contact@crestadvisory.com or email them directly via by visiting http://crestadvisory.com/our-team

Communications – not just colouring in!

Jo Coles

Commissioning for the criminal justice system

Callyane Desroches

Avoid throwing the comms hand grenade

Charlotte Phillips

PCCs: what are they good for?

Jon Clements

Building brands that work

Jo Addison

Successful crisis communications

Chris Webb

Community engagement in policing

Sophie du Mont

How to engage with politicians

Gavin Lockhart-Mirams

Why the CJS is in trouble

Harvey Redgrave

Producing an impactful report

Niall Blake-Knox

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