Our analytical and policy expertise helps you to think of better ways to face your challenges and take your opportunities.


Our experience of public affairs, media and brands helps you to speak to the right audiences, shape debates and change minds.


And our insight into how criminal justice and policing really works, helps you to act effectively, deliver change and enhance your reputation.

About Crest

We are a team of policy, communications and brand specialists who care about building safer communities. We work with organisations across multiple sectors – helping them think, speak and act more clearly to improve criminal justice and policing. Unafraid to challenge, we take time to understand your needs and offer the right blend of support for you to navigate change and drive success.

Why are we different?

Because we know criminal justice and policing inside out, we provide bespoke advice tailored to your needs, rather than generic solutions. Our range of skills, perspectives and networks also means we are able to offer a unique blend of insight, analysis, communications and brand expertise. And with a team based across the UK, we are able to work alongside you in your communities.

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PCCs: what are they good for?

Using a whiteboard and a video camera, Jon Clements goes through how and why to engage with police and crime commissioners

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Focus piece: Policing - know your meerkat

With change and reform at the top of the agenda, Michael Clarke explains what to watch out for in the policing market

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Five go to court

At Crest, we care about understanding how the the criminal justice system works on the ground – not just from a spreadsheet. As part of our staff induction, this means paying a visit to places where justice actually happens. That’s why five of the Crest team... read more