About Crest

Crest Advisory is an independent consultancy, focused on criminal justice and policing. We help clients to develop and to communicate the strategies and insights they need to help build safer communities. We provide analytical, policy and public affairs support to criminal justice agencies and to their partners in the private and voluntary sectors. With expertise and experience of Government, the media and service delivery, we help clients to navigate change and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Why are we different?

Crest Advisory is the UK’s only consultancy dedicated to criminal justice strategy and communications. Our team are experts in data, governance, policy and communications, and have unparalleled experience in applying these skills to criminal justice and policing. Because we are specialists in the sector, we give clients tailored advice and support, not generic consultancy solutions.

Who we work with

Crest Advisory works with local and national criminal justice bodies, police and crime commissioners, police forces, probation providers, commercial suppliers of services to the justice sector and think tanks. We also support public inquiries, inquests and charities. With a team based across the UK, we are able to work alongside you in your communities.

If you would like to talk to someone about our work please get in touch using the contact form or direct on: contact@crestadvisory.com

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Our services



Our analytical and policy expertise helps you to think of better ways to face your challenges and take your opportunities.


Our experience of public affairs, media and brands helps you to speak to the right audiences, shape debates and change minds.


And our insight into how criminal justice and policing really works, helps you to act effectively, deliver change and enhance your reputation.

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