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    New evidence on how to rehabilitate offenders

    It can be a common refrain that ‘nothing works’ when it comes to rehabilitating offenders, but aUS paper published this spring, claims that a critical mass of evidence to the contrary has been gathered over the last 20 years. Encouraging findings from programmes in the fields of psychology, criminal justice, sociology and public policy suggest that evidence-based intervention is working.

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    As child abuse investigations take shape, old crimes are transforming British society.

    The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has announced a major independent inquiry into claims that, for decades, accusations and evidence of child abuse were dismissed, ignored and mishandled by many of Britain’s most important institutions.

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    Do the public still trust the police?

    There is no one universal definition of trust. In one sense trust is about being honest and ‘telling the truth’. But in the context of government trust relates to the quality of the service delivered. Here, trust is synonymous with the public’s ‘confidence’ and ‘satisfaction’.

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    Finding the tipping point between privacy and security

    “The collapse of Syria; the emergence of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant; Boko Harm in Nigeria; al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen; like minded groups in Libya; al Shabaab in East Africa; terrorist planning in Pakistan and Afghanistan; industrial, military and state espionage practised by states and businesses alike; organised crime that crosses national boundaries; the expanding scope of cyber…”

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